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this year. >> russia, nato, everyone, has gone into lands the killed many muslims. >> this study found that foreign fighters have gone to syria from 81 countries. one reason they are attracted to this, they don't have any local ties so they can commit act of violence, without any hesitation, or concern this may be a friend of their cousin. >> some are seeking an identity and purpose, and they find it in what they feel is service to islam. as this video shows. to deal with the broing number of fighters in the east, but stopping citizens from traveling there to fight will be hard. >> they make their way from the third country to iraq, or syria. some may still believe in the causes they left for. >> security experts say english speakers are valuable to the state group, they help the fighters share their message with the world, like james foley's killer did. david. >> roxanne that, thank you. foreign policy columnist is on the syrian border last year, beating the journalist held hostage and the everies being made to release them. james, we got confirmation today of ransome discussions nego
and then vladimir putin paying us back by going after an american icon. find out which company russia is grilling coming up next i had no idea i had shingles. there was like an eruption on my skin and burning. i'd lift my arm and the pain back here was excruciating. when i went to the doctor his first question was "did you have chickenpox?" i thought it was something that, you know, old people got. >> isis speaks for no reason. the victims are overwhelmingly muslim. david: ambassador, thank you for joining us on this topic. the company is on the middle east are concerned that the images that we saw of the executions and the spreading may prevent other businesses from going there. and he said that it's bound to have an impact does the image alone is killing and the one thing you want is stability. and that presents this kind of a threat. and so do we have a lot of civil war threats and it is oil money if and that is a place that is going to go beyond that and a lot depends upon whether or not the threat that we see is contained or whether it is seen like this. david: i believe it has gone beyond t
. they were supposed to be playing the brilliant game, resetting relations with russia, restoring america's good name abroad. and like the brazilians they folded, they collapsed. they just absolutely capitulated. now it's not even in dispute this president's foreign policy is a total failure. you have hillary clinton saying it. you have carter's national security advisor saying it. it's sort of unanimous. the question is why is it failing? there are three schools of thought. what liberals will tell you it's failing because this world is this terribly complicated place. america is in decline. >> right. >> the president simply can't control events around the world. and obama sometimes likes to explain himself that way. >> right. >> second theory, somewhat more convincing, is this just simply an out of touch president who is not really giving this job his full attention? maybe it's because he won re-election, he feels his legacy is secure. but time and again the president is caught flat footed by events. some of his closest advisors complain he's indifferent to the details of the argument i'
,come on this is mcdonald's caught in souring relations between russia and the rest? we'll tell you why some moscow locations are closed for business. the number of people missing in landslides in japan is believed to be higher than originally thought. the official death toll stands there are dozens still unaccounted for. winfield rupert win hayes has the story. rescue teams went from house to shattered house this morning, hoping that the number of dead from the disaster would not go higher but it seems many more are buried under the mud thisock that overwhelmed neighborhood on the northern -- hiroshima city. this man says his family's is buried under rubble and he's waiting for them to be rescued. aliveof finding people under all this is rapidly fading. the huge have told how mudslide came roaring down the the middle of the night, killing many as they slept. "i was sleeping where that large rock is now," says this woman. people here are starting to ask whether this destruction was a or, in part, at least, man-made. hiroshimains around are known tour -- to be unstable yet housing was built up to th
. russia -- it's back. dust off all your cold war papers. hate to say it, but we need to start thinking about what all of that means and their use of proxies. if you start seeing in the 1980's when i first started working these counterterrorism issues in the 1990's, we were worried about state-sponsored terrorism. it's back, whether it is iran in terms, of russia providing near or plausible deniability using their proxies, which is not new. that is how they attacked estonia, and now starting to see it through physical means. why russia is perhaps greater concern is they have nukes, a lot of them. those can be a game-changer types of incidents. we have to be careful how we address the issues, because as brutal and gruesome as terrorism is, when you are dealing with a nuclear threat, that can be a game changer quickly. obviously you have biodefense issues. if you look at it from an instrumentality perspective, the area we have done the least amount of work, whether it is foreign terrorists or even nation states engaging in biowarfare and appointment. these are the things that can be game
. this is from russia. busses are waiting, a bus stop, and watch what happens. >> this will not be as good. oh, that was good. >> where did that come from? >> from a raised roadway that left the garage. >> oh, wow. >> see it? lands between the two busses. the crane is trying to lift the bus out of there, it miss the most of the bus stop, just dented on the roof a little bit. here's another angle from up above. sadly, there was a bruised spine, and a 29 -year-old woman cleaning the streets suffered a brain injury, and another person was injured, but refused to be hospitalized. >> see the person crawling out the front of the bus. yo i don't know if that's the driver. >> everyone who got out of the cars to help are amazing. >> they believe it was faulty brakes. no fatalities in the incident. >>> planning on going outdoors, enjoying the water, water sports, you have to remember to be careful and be aware of your surroundings. this first video, as it picks up, you see rushing water. this is in china, and you see rescuers on hand. >> everything's white. >> yes. >> total white water. >> according to
at this point in time. >> time for the final trade, tim. >> let's talk about russia, why last monday we said the humanitarian aid opportunity headlines were certainly that for putin to take backing up. it was people were concerned about the russian convoy, sell the rsx now. you have an opportunity to get to 50 to 200. i think you sell this chart. i don't think the headlines are that bad. >> the longest rally in the xrs. >> examiner relationship management. crm i bought i. i long it into tomorrow. he's on cramer tonight right after us. >> got to see that top of the hour. karen. >>> it's the same one we had yesterday. i want to buy volatility if you can get cheaper today. >> i'm going on buying my christmas tree then at gap stores, gps. >> if you love the holidays, why not lock forward to them? >> she makes a good point it topped out at these same thefls since 2013. i think it blows through. >> i'm melissa lee, see you back here tomorrow. meantime, don't go anywhere, "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. .
hole. >> number two, speaking of gobble, we had a look at russia where the government is saying to its consumers, no food, no problem. the different things the government is doing to try to mitigate the hardships imposed by the ban that they put on western imports of food. there are media reports there that they're introducing reindeer meat to make up for some things and quietly taking some things off the banned import list. number three, there is great considering what the market did today, we have a stock screen from "usa today." 14 stocks that tend to hold their value at a market top. they did a screen of what holds value between the bull top and the bear bottom. >> can you give us just one quick champ? >> kellogg's. southwestern. i'll even throw exxon-mobil in there for you. but there's 11 others people can check out. >> they should do so over at allen wastler, thank you this afternoon. >>> the energy boom in north dakota helping to fuel the economic recovery. but the lack of the infrastructure in the state is forcing drillers to burn off $100 million worth of natural gas
is king. let's talk about the actual situation for example in the ukraine. russia, tensions there all the time. we're waiting for video of all kinds of events that supposedly happened last week, and what could drones do in that situation to help clarify what's happened? >> it's a great question, we can basically go over the next hill week can go out 100 miles or so, and look down and see who's there. who's not there. liz: how much are these things? >> it depends. we have a great business model where we could sell you a system, they are systems with the control stations and the aircraft, systems range anywhere from around $10,000 upward. but we also have a business model where we can sell you the service. sell you the pictures, sell you the video. liz: i see scientific applications as well. >> great point. we started with one of our smaller systems called aeroson with different scientific applications, we have flown into the eyes of the hurricane. >> i like the boat drone, that is so cool. >> lot more to come on that one. liz: listen, we love the story, ellen lord, textron systems ceo
around the world. our friend israel is fighting for their very survival. russia is being expansionist in the ukraine. our, the tragedies we're seeing play out don't seem to have any effect on this president. melissa: also, if you listen to the details from jennifer's story she brought up, a frightening fact. ransom from foreign journalists is one of largest sources of revenue for terrorist groups, second only to state sponsorship. reported that isis is making a million dollars a day. 32 journalists have been killed so far in 2014. 65 went missing last year. this is a steady source of income. it used to be that you hired a fixer locally and went in as a journalist, you are somewhat protected. now, there are really more than ever with this group of isis, a money making target. lisa, is that right? and, you know, does this exacerbate that? >> isis is just such a new game. it is such a new face of terrorism. i don't know if our president understand that. it is old terrorism, meaning they're barbaric, they behead and kill and rape, do whatever it takes. but you have this new component wher
. >>> welcome back to "the real story." russia's main consumer watchdog shutting down four mcdonald's locations in moscow. claiming the restaurant committed a number of sanitary violations this after a full em bar go was put on. that happened a few weeks back. mcdonald's says they are looking into those complaints. >>> developments from the deadly police shooting of the missouri teen. the governor just ordering the national guard to start withdrawing from ferguson, missouri. crowds of protesters have been smaller. this comes after eric holder visited the city. >> it will take time, but patience is in abundance in ferguson. >> adam, tell us more about those resignation calls. who do the people want to be leading? >> reporter: they have five demands and they weren't happy. first of all, they are called the justice for michael brown leadership coalition. it's quite a group of people from a state senator to some more controversial groups like the new black panthers and also the nation of islam. but they were here for about aen hour. they were here for the demands at first and then they marched up a
and that is a dry wind and it will help to russia ring our marine layer and continue to pump the clouds into the pack. winds yesterday were active afternoon the pacific but winds right now are generally light and now they are switching to the eat off the land so that is why we see more sunshine early on and less cloud cover across the bay area. highs today are 86 in los gatos and 82 in santa close and 83 for san jose and the if peninsula is 82 in redwood city and 76 in san mateo and san francisco will top out at 68 degrees and south san francisco is a bit warmer at 20. the summer spread is in full effect and 63 in bodega bay and 81 nor napa, and east bay, mid-50's, 76 in san leandro and inland locations are a bit warmer today than yesterday at 89 for brentwood and 86 for pittsburg and 84 for san ramon. tonight, a typical temperature forecast across the bay area and fog along the immediate coastline and well call it partly cloudy skies inland locations. the seven-day forecast shows warmer inland today and upper 80's and low 80's in the bay and mid-60's in the coast and we tomorrow we are
. russia, major issues going on now. >> that's now. worsening economies there, are we going to have the blame game six months from now in tech saying, europe went into the can a little again. now what do we do? >> could be something. i don't think so and think over time we'll see the european banks change things around as they start to address things the way we have here in the u.s. take our model how we've managed to come out of the rivry, maybe europe will see that and we'll see upside there. that's the trade and hewlett-packard, interesting how well they did on the enterprise in europe. >> making news today, hertz moving higher after carl icahn disclosed and 8.5% stake in that car rental company. plans to talk to management as well and the josh, he has a lot to talk to them about. >> yes. >> because of these issues that persist there, and the one that dragged the stock sharply lower yesterday. >> interesting, you already got activists in and out of this stock the last couple of years. nobody compares to carl icahn. funny to watch it come almost all the way back having been down m
moving forward. the austrian a bank, most with russia, the europeans and russians know upbeat today. its exposure to russia suggesting it's fully committed. hasn't seen an impact from what's going on there. stock rising almost 11%, you can see. in general, the other dynamic in europe, the tensioning with russia are easing. if you look at the moscow index, for example. it's risen for ten straight sessions. up again today. here you see the bounceback coming, not to the where they were, but russian stocks are rebounding partly in anticipation of the meeting that vladimir putin has with the ukrainian president in belarus on tuesday, and some expectation that there may be some sort of deal or the beginnings of a further diffusing there of the situation. on the face of it, a good day for europe, actually, kayla, not so good. >> draghi's speech is tomorrow, simon, you said? >> oh, yes. >> thanks. we'll be watching. >> yes, indeed. >>> coming up, yahoo! bobought tumblr. a long way towards answering that question. bring you that in a moment. >>> plus, keep it here. our first on cnbc interview wit
face abuse, and religious freedom is under assault from china to russia, and attacks on people who tell those stories, journalists, happening around the globe, including here at home. we begin with a staggering number of refugees world wild, as the list of armed conflicts around the world has grown, the people forced to flee their home now exceeds 50 million, the highest since world war. launching a massive operation to bring aid to half a million people driven from their homes by islamic state fighters. >> most still living in schools, mosques, churches, and unfinished buildings. >> so 9 million people have fled their homes because of syria's brutal civil war. almost 3 million refugees have escaped to neighboring countries, turkey, jord and not iraq, and south sudan in africa, half a million refugees, some internal, and some in caverns in uganda. and meanwhile, muslims in the central african republic has led to 30,000 refugees since last march, and many are dying in desperate attempts to find a better life. i'm joined from washington d.c., by jeff chris, focusing on field research and
at a gas station, i am very happy about this. >>> the "wall street journal" says russia temporarily closed four mcdonald's locations in moscow. russia's consumer safety agency blamed the closures on sanitation violations. but analysts say it's just payback for western sanctions over moscow's role in ukraine. there are 435 mcdonald's in russia. the restaurant in central moscow is one of the busiest mkts in the world. >> mcdonald's stock price dipped a bit on that news. >> when you think about the traffic that goes through a place like that and if they continue closing them -- >> we're going to shut down mcdonald's. that's a weapon. we'll show you. >>> finally, the new york daoshgew york daily news says critics are blasting obama after playing golf shortly after james foley's murder. james foley and i went to marquette university at the same time. i didn't know him personally but he does say he credits his jesuit education with inspiring him to become an inner city teacher and later giving him the passion to report from wore-tornar-torn places around the world. >> w
cargo. russia said they are carrying relief supplies, including food and water. >> ukraine's military said its lost five soldiers fighting for control of the donetsk region. government troops have taken part and surrounded the city of donetsk. kiev says in addition to the five deaths, 21 soldiers were injured in the last 24 hours. the region has faced heavier shelling for weeks and several buildings were flattened, some set on fire. we have the latest from slovyansk. >> more fighting in the separatist strong hold city of donetsk where loud explosions have been heard, more shelling and museum apparently hit today. all eyes will be on a place not too far from donetsk that's been the scene of intense fighting for the last few days. it does seem that the battle to try to regain control and retain control here in eastern ukraine is intensifying. with regard to the convoy russia says is aid, it's still on the russian side of the border. there's been no movement there. the international committee for the red cross says it has received some of the securitiations it now needs to take the convo
, of course, you get russia and the ukraine. our overall performance in europe was very good. russia was tough, and, of course, russia affects all of europe, so i'd say europe is next. the united states, to me, feels like it's getting betser, and you know i said for many quarters, boy, i don't see the improvement, but it feels better to me, spending picking up, confidence to invest in it and future of your small, immediame big business. asia is doing well for us. we had a good quarter unlike our competitors, china was good to us. commercial pcs did well, printing did well in china, service was up double digits there. a good quarter in china. >> autonomy, two years since we sat here and talked about -- and you didn't use the words "fraud" , but i did. we have not seen anything. was that not what you said it was? >> autonomy, the wheels of justice says turn slowly, and we appropriately urn itted the investigation over to the department 6 justice, serious fraud office in the u.k., and they are doing their work, and nothing has changed in my mind from the time i, you know, the day after earnings w
are on hold for many customers in moscow. russia shut down four mcdonald's restaurants over health and safety concerns. -- critics say ,fter a tour around the world the painting of the mona lisa of the north is backed here it grow with the pearl earring's is on the way. this, we will start with new revelation in the killing of u.s. journalist james foley. he was beheaded i isis militants, and execution that was broadcast in online video. it now comes out u.s. forces tried unsuccessfully to free fully and a number of other captives being held in iraq and syria this summer. more on that and the many tributes that have been coming in. >> the beheading of james foley has caused widespread horror. held with foley and others for seven months in syria. >> the syrians are determined to remain optimistic. >> the united states says the rescue mission to save foley failed. it is the first time the u.s. revealed its troops have been in operation against isis on the ground. and isis death that on a journalist, barack obama set up the united defense against islamic extremism. >> there has to be a common e
be retaliation for western sanctions on russia. icahnnaire investor carl is announcing his latest acquisition target, hurts. -- hertz. he plans to have meetings with company management on how to improve performance. hertz admitted that it no longer stood behind recent earnings reports and forecasts for the year. by more on this, i'm joined the associate professor at harvard business school. what can carl get done here? >> the most important thing that he gets done is to make sure that the board does not drop its focus on the problems. hertz has a bunch of things going on. with the accounting staff, with brings pressure on the board that keeps its eye on the ball. >> the expectation is he is get some board how easy or difficult will it be for him to win those? >> it is not absolutely necessary. the company already announced that the lead director -- that they will have a newly director take charge. -- new lead director take charge. the company is probably well advised to talk to him and to be involved. these are not simple challenges that the company is facing. there is a credibility
the information at sfo, oakland and mineta san jose airport at >>> you saw "jaws," and russias are the top predator in the ocean, right? now always. a four foot shark was swallowed in one gulp by a grouper which usually have a thick strong body with a large mouth capable of swallowing fly. the shark was on the line of a fisherman. >> grouper was taking advantage. >> he was. true. >> good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd shows all is quiet with cloud cover along the immediate coastline. everyone starts out in the 60's. clouds along the coast. by anyone we have clearing skies and more sunshine and everyone sees sun and by 4:00 we are in the mid-80's inland and mid-60's along the coast. by the evening, we have clouds, behalfing along the coast with temperatures falling into the upper 50's and low 60's. in san jose we have the ongoing problem that started as a crash as great america parkway and now we have seven or eight vehicles involved so we are trying to figure out if this is one and the same. your speeds are at five miles per hour and near the san jose airport but as you p
government in putting pressure on russia. but pro-russian militants continue to fight back. they shut down the ukrainian military jet in the suburbs of luhansk on wednesday. russia's interfax news agency says more than two-thirds of residents have been forced to leave the city because of shortages of drinking water and food. battles have also broken out in a town near donestk. local authorities say at least 34 residents have been killed there during the past two days. >>> authorities in liberia have fought for months to contain the worst outbreak of ebola in history. now they're fighting with reside residents. security forces want to isolate people who may be carrying the virus. so, they sealed off a slum in the capital monrovia. residents were outraged. they hurled stones at security forces. the soldiers opened fire and four people were hurt. a u.n. worker says the turmoil is threatening peace in her country. she says u.n. peacekeepers will remain in liberia and do whatever they can to help. the outbreak began in december in guinea. then the virus spread to sierra leone, liberia and niger
. >> russia shuts down some mcdonald's restaurants for health violation, but some say the move is anti american. >> today's number is $3,002,000,000. >> america's team, as they call themselves just got a little more valuable. that is today's big number, 3.2 monday. >> that is the new evaluation for the dallas cowboys, the eighth straight year they topped the list. >> second on that list, the new england patriots, and spanish soccer giant real madrid is the most valuable franchise in the world at $3.4 billion. >> barcelona is worth at much as the cowboys. welcome to al jazeera america. >> charges are now being considered against a california highway patrol officer. you may recall that he was seen on tape beat ago woman on the side of the road. >> first, the streets were quieter in ferguson, missouri. >> there is a local probe and federal probe underway for the shooting death of that unarmed team. attorney emeric holder is calling for calm. >> eric holder wasted no time stepping into a city where frustration and anger have boiled over since a police officer shot and killed an unarmed tee
problems for a major u.s. brand in russia. >> doesn't get much bigger than this brand. it's under scrutiny closing four stores? moscow and inspecting others around the country. we're going to ask is this just tit for tat sanctions between russia and the west. >>> it's midday london, 7:00 a.m. washington, 2:00 p.m. mosul dam northern iraq where united states has continued air strikes a day after islamic state released a horrific video showing the killing of journalist james foley. security forces confirmed to bbc the family of james foley received an angry e-mail apparently from captors about a week before he was beheaded. the e mail said he was going to be killed in retaliation for air strikes from the u.s. military. the sl what could drive someone towards extreme views by someone expressed by the islamic state? we have been speaking to a british recruit to i.s. who shares views intolerable to majority but strongly held. you may find his comments distressing. >> who is this man? yesterday we saw him kill american journalist james foley. he's apparently british which we know little else. hi
of the government trying to reclaim the parts of the east that the pro-russia rebels were controlling? >> well, i think the fight to regain control and the fight to retain the control is becoming even more fierce by the day, martine. in donetsk, there has been heavy shelling. the residents facing this every day. loud explosions heard in that city. the museum reported to have been hit. all eyes will be on makista where there has been a fight for several days. the ukranian forces have been fighting today. another plane was brought down, bringing to 16 the number of aircraft brought down. >> it brings us, emma, to the conditions that have been faced by the people of this region. many of them are on the move, and where are they going, where are they managing to find sanctuary, and also if you take on the situation regarding the humanitarian convoy from moscow. >> well, i think in the areas where the fighting has been intensive, and in luhansk, it is becoming increasingly difficult to try to leave those cities. now, the convoy is by the border. we spoke to border officials, and they said it has not mo
of sanitary violations. mcdonalds has more than 400 in russia says it's studying complaints. the company denies allegations. >>> why the japanese electronic pan sonic is turn thing its hand to growing vegetables. oh no. who are you? daddy, this is blair, he booked this room with priceline express deals and saved a ton. i got everything i wanted. i always do. he seemed nice. . >>> hello. you're watching bbc world news. our main headline this is thoumpt u.s. reveals it tried to rescue american hostages in syria earlier this year including james foley, the murdered journalist. >>> as the violence continues, hamas is says three senior military leaders has been killed in an israeli air strike. >>> one of the two american aid worker who is contracted ebola in liberia is said to be released from the the hospital. dr. brantley is recovered and supposed to be released today according to the charity he works for. >>> police in the united states say it's been a relatively calm night in the st. louis suburb of ferguson where there's been two weeks of protests sparked by a white police officer shooti
earlier this year when russia was hit with sanctions. that is the latest company news. axis sanitary rules were broken? -- >> sanitary rules were broken? shots. time for our single best chart. ask our single best chart is on the one ports and of -- one portion of consumer confidence that is in housing. host -- our guest host published a note on this earlier this week. showseen shaded area equivalent of rent, part of the cpi report, and it rose 2.7% year on year, which is the fastest since early 2008. the white lines smoothed it out a little bit. now at 2.5%, the highest since late 2008. michael, do you believe this is a leading indicator? itit is to 11% of cpi, so has an effect. if you look at the actual component of cpi less than 10%, 3%. is over this clearly is the easiest portion of the consumer price index to really move out there. health care cost added as well, when you take oer and out on our basic 16% cost of health care, that is a impulse higher, isn't it? >> there are components moving higher. it is not the only price index. the fed has looked at other price indexes. i think the
researching iran syria russia turkey israel, lot of different other countries, u.k. and canada and really trying to understand their views on privacy. what's interesting is they do draw the line there's a little different than how we think about it. so for example in the u.k. they see privacy is a right as it relates to businesses collecting your data. but they have no problem snapping your picture everywhere you go in the u.k.. they are some of the most photographed citizens in the world so it's interesting to see that. if you are getting ready to live or your children are getting way are getting ready to look another country or do business in another country you'll definitely want to go to the book and look for some of the different differences between america from our point of view and those countries and their point of view on privacy. >> we thought it made it richer to explore what the whole world is doing and this and that in contrast and compare it to what we have. >> is a possible globally to wipe out all your social media or anything that has been on mine? >> is a possible? proba
that the u.s. left a vacuum in the region, which was filled by jihadis, by hezbollah, by iran, by russia. that's very much hillary clinton's view as well. it's debatable, of course. but looking at the situation on the ground at the moment, that is very much the feeling that europeans have. and i do believe that because of what's happening in iraq, because of what we saw happen to james foley and because of this attempt to rescue american hostages in syria, i do think it's only a matter of time before the president will have to consider the possibility of strikes against islamic militants in syria. the conundrum there is inadvertently he may shoire up president assad. >>> let's go to iraq now. joining us from erbil, nbc chief global correspondent bill neely with the latest on the ground there. bill? >> reporter: yes. well, the u.s. air strikes have not stopped since the murder of jim foley. there were at least 14 yesterday, bringing to 84 the total number of air strikes in the mosul dam area in particular since this campaign started. as you've heard, the big question is where does this ca
russia can do if and when it starts breaking good again. we the international community really need russia as the world's largest territorial state. a country that is made up of an extraordinarily talented and productive population. a country that has been on its way to being part of the solution to the world's problems . to once again be part of the solution and not be a problem itself. it is not just a way of slapping putin around to shut down the g-8. we needed the g-8 and the g 20. it is in the g 20. thatve russia in a mood almost looks for chances to compete and be the antipode to sets itself up to be an abbot surrey too much of the world, that is not good for anybody, including the russian people ash and adversary -- an adversary too much of the much of the world. guest: what does putin think of the international order? think of it very much in institutional terms and reaching out and transnational challenges and incorporating new powers. you must have a very different view. -- he must have a very different view. >> thank all of you for coming. he does. it appears putin is try
be in the crosshairs of the sanctions war between russia and the west. russia ordered the temporary closure of four mcdonald's restaurant in moscow for alleged sanitation violation mis. watchdogs accused mcdonald's of posting false nutrition information. it was the first american fast food outlet in russia. >>> behind the violence and racial tension engulfing the city of ferguson, missouri, lies economic tension that has been there for years. we'll have more on that coming up. wrap >> these young people deserve justice >> anatomy of a protest... >> ...the police look like they're getting ready to come down the street >> with militarized police departments >> forces their message... >> they're actually firing canisters of gas... >> a fractured community demands answers >> what do we want? >> justice! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> faul lines, al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> there blocking the door... >> ground breaking... >> truth seeking... >> we have to get out of here... award winning investigative documentary series... special episode ferguson: city under siege only on al jazeera america
stocks ended the day mixed. >>> violence in ukraine, unrest between russia and ukraine. richard branson and other leaders are signing a letter asking for a peaceful solution. >> the russian economy is going to go in a steep decline. it will go back to the days of pre-cold war unless this problem is resolved quickly. >> he said he would happily sit down with vladimir putin for a compromise. after the berlin wall and the cold war, the world is going in the wrong direction. he's urging russian business leaders and vladimir putin to fix it or it will be an economic cold war. interesting. >> good to be with you this morning. >> nice to see you, victor. >> "new day" starts now. >>> breaking overnight, ferguson takes one step forward, one step back. protesters and police have a better night with fewer arrests. an attorney general makes his rounds. >> people know a federal, thorough investigation is being done. >> new witnesses come forward. this police officer removeed from duty. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> now, this -- new video of police shooting and killing another man in st. louis. watch it an
will go to consumers in the form of modified home loans and refinanced mortgages. >>> russia is ordering the four mcdonald's restaurants in moscow be closed temporarily. the move is over sanitation violations. but it comes amid worsening u.s./russian ties over the conflict in ukraine. among the four mcdonald's closed, russia's first-ever which opened in moscow's pushkin square in 1990 during the final days of the soviet union. >>> and hostess brand says it is closing its schiller park, illinois, factory where twinkies, yes, twinkies have been baked for 84 years. 400 employees affected. union officials say they were told of the closure the same day they were set off to start negotiating a new contract. workers at the plant have been forced to work 12-hour shifts. >> love the twinkies. they are back on the shelves. >>> while we showed you highlights from big state fairs around the country, this summer it is new york's turn. >> the new york state fair opens today. visitors will have their chance to see this, butter sculpture. called the great american milk drive. >> what you are looking at
video. this is dash cam video from russia showing the wild motorcycle crash. watch when the bike hits the back of the car, hands on the loof. >> unreal. >> that has to be a stunt. >> are we sure that's real? >> i think the video's real. i'm not sure if the guy on the motorcycle is some awesome stunt man. >> maybe. >> i don't know, but it's worth watching several, several, several times. i'm wondering what the guy driving the car does. >> you're watching "nbc10 news." "nbc 10 news today at 5:00 a.m." starting right now. >> announcer: nbc10 breaking news. >>> we're following an ambulance and a car crash head on. the wreckage has broad street blocked in north philadelphia. we'll take you live in the scene. >>> down but not out, the taney dragons lost last night. fear not. the quest for a little league world series title is not over. >>> we're taking a live look at the franklin institute here. and showers this afternoon with a cooldown ahead. good morning, everyone. welcome to "nbc10 news." i'm chris cato. >>> cooler temperatures in store for us not today but as we head into tomorrow that
.8. the slowdown indicates the region remains vulnerable to weak inflation and rising tensions with russia. europe has to biggest economies reported manufacturing data. french manufacturing contracted to its lowest level in more than a year. germany's pmi also fell but lower than analysts expected. germany may be able to withstand the russian import ban better than other european countries. chinese manufacturing fell more than analysts estimated in august. the preliminary reading came in at 50.3 which trailed economist forecasts. a it is confirmed, it will be three-month low. we are getting some numbers on u.k. retail sales. in 0.1%ail sales coming growth. the estimate was for an increase of 0.4%. that number does seem to have undershot estimate considerably. let's talk to virginie maisonneuve. petey cio at pimco. about the needg for structure will change in the eurozone. we heard from joseph stiglitz yesterday. he was also banging that drum, saying that monetary policy is no substitute for fiscal policy and structural changes. we have seen some, haven't we? what do we need to see more activity on
and reported its full year outlook. it assured investors saying it does not expect a major impact on russia. over here, trading lower by 2.35% on ahold. shares falling to the bottom of the stoxx 600 after posting weaker than expected profits in the quarter. now, earlier here on cnbc, we spoke to the cnbc of our hope. we asked about difficulties with the u.s. consumer. >>> they have caused suspendble income for most of our customers going up. and so you see customers, some wages are increasing again. but the spendable income, what they can spend on foods and others is still very modest. i think this is the biggest issue we see in europe. >> now, i want to show you the place on the bond markets, as well. you would have noted yesterday after we had the minutes released that you saw treasury yields climbing on the back of the fed minutes. this morning, we're still seeing yields pushing higher and you have the 10-year bund yielding around 1%. the ten-year french o.a.t. yielding 1.4%. the ten-year spanish, 2.42%. given that we had the hawkish stance and we had these yields riding in the debt mark
:00 eastern on c-span. now, a panel looks at how russia's intervention in ukraine has affected u.s. foreign policy and the global community. this discussion was hosted by brookings institution. it is 90 minutes. >> an event looking at russia and the future international order put on by brookings. here asu for joining us our auditorium at brookings is being renovated. today about an important point. russia's relations with the international order. the idea of partnership and .ooperation with russia replaced with talk of isolation and sanctions and confrontation. that has occurred at a time when it's not just a bilateral relationship. the entire world is interconnected in international order through the global economy and common interests such as counterterrorism and global climate change. we need to see what russia's place would be toward the and what the order western response will be toward russia over the next 5-10 years. looking to other parts of the world as well, we want to ask, what is the role of the brits in this new era? we recently saw at the summit in brazil when putin was embrac
, russia situation could move back again quite quick lism sent jment fragile. people have money on the table that they built up over five years. end of july we saw the market come off. >> when we talk about another correction, this bull market has legs. you're looking far 15% to 20% correction. >> you'll see from one of the charts i put along the -- if you look at a long-term basis, look back to 70 and 79 we have sharp selloffs in the s&p 500 and the ftse. actually the technicals are building up in a similar way to that. the problem is you don't always know what the reason for the selloff is. you can see something approaching. you know there is a train coming. what you don't know is if it is going to stop in time. >> a after the break, you talk about the nasdaq. this is going to be interesting your views on that. here is a look what else is oming up on "on the move." sales of aheld. they feel the -- ahold. they feel the sales of a weaker dollar. can we call it a comeback? don't get ahead of yourself. h.p. shows growth after 12 quarters of falling sales. stay with us. we're "on t
and this book so we actually spent quite a bit of time researching iran syria russia turkey israel, lot of different other countries, u.k. and canada and really trying to understand their views on privacy. what's interesting is they do draw the line there's a little different than how we think about it. so for example in the u.k. they see privacy is a right as it relates to businesses collecting your data. but they have no problem snapping your picture everywhere you go in the u.k.. they are some of the most photographed citizens in the world so it's interesting to see that. if you are getting ready to live or your children are getting way are getting ready to look another country or do business in another country you'll definitely want to go to the book and look for some of the different differences between america from our point of view and those countries and their point of view on privacy. >> we thought it made it richer to explore what the whole world is doing and this and that in contrast and compare it to what we have. >> is a possible globally to wipe out all your social media o
popular french u.s. and russia. >> what will the impact be of the russian and -- embargo? >> fresh milk from local farms kept at 30 degrees celsius. granite is added until occurred forms and then it is drained, sorted, and matured from 12 weeks. to make this french braid. -- to make this french brie. nearly every part of the process is done by hand. >> we could mechanize the process but that would change a recipe. we would end up with a different kind of cheese. the cheese we sent to the u.s. is made with the same process except the milk is pasteurized with the quality is the same. they employ 65 people. resisted the threat of industrialized rivals but now there's a new problem. russia's embargo on some european foods. >> the impact of the embargo could the much more violent and quicker than expected. the price of milk has collapsed and we fear that this may last until the end of the year or even later. production0% of the is here. smart -- a small market. >> it is a small cheese and it was very easy to send. they could lose more than one million euros or 4% of his annual revenue. unles
people in russia. they're the largest mobile restaurateur and the largest car dealer, largest food distributor, all self-made people and they're basically saying to president putin, you know, let's try to get this sorted by negotiation and not by force. >> is vladimir putin someone you can do business with? do you think he's open to diplomacy? >> i don't know. i think that we would be irresponsible if we didn't give it a try. >> now fortunately world leaders have not given up on diplomacy as it relates to ukraine. here's a bit of an outlook for you. german chancellor angela america surveillance traveling to kiev saturday to meet with ukrainian president petro poroshenko and mr. poroshenko is set to meet mr. putin in belarus next week. >>> more than a week and a half later people are still asking what exactly happened when a police officer fatally shot michael brown? a new witness has come forward with this new video and he talks with cnn next. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts? that's right. it's just that i'm worried about you know "hidden things..." ok, w
as the u.s. is taking heat from what's going on there. you won't believe what russia has to say about all this. right after a break. i'm m-a-r-y and i have copd. i'm j-e-f-f and i have copd. ibut i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way of hosting my book club. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs for a full 24 hours. and breo helps reduce symptom flare-ups that last several days and require oral steroids, antibiotics, or hospital stay. breo is not for asthma. breo contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd. breo won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden copd symptoms and should not be used more than once a day. breo may increase your risk of pneumonia, thrush, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking breo. ask your doctor about b-r-e-o for copd. first prescription free at . >> the longer this crisis in ferguson, missouri goes on, t
of significant sections of a rebel strong hold near the border with russia. officials say troops are trying to surround donetsk. meantime, protestors managed to put up a ukrainian flag on top of one of moscow's most famous skyscrapers and posted a soviet star in ukraine's colors a fed-ex truck collided with a bus in georgia. no word on injuries. and jody arias as more weeks to get ready for the penalty phase, retrial last year a jury found her guilty of murder for stabbing her ex-boyfriend nearly 30 times, slitting his throat and shooting him in the head she claimed self-defense the second penalty phase set to start in september. under arizona law if the new jury fails to reach a decision the death penalty is off the table. israel will not stop military operations in gaza until hamas stops firing rockets. that is what we heard from israel's prime minister benjiman netanyahu. officials say militants fired 175 rockets just since the cease-fire talks fell through with b.a day and a half ago. israel reports the military launched nearly 100 air strikes in to gaza. rick leventhal is live in gaza
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